Karoulias | Cortese
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The story of Cortese Caffè begins at a time when coffee was perceived as a medicine and was drunk often secretly in Italian pharmacies – later developing into the first cafès. According to an urban myth, Cortese, which in Italian means noble, was the nickname of the inspirer of this coffee blend. A young medical student of aristocratic descent who loved coffee as much as anything and preferred to follow his heart. With his knowledge in chemistry, he perfected his blend. The secret of his success was hidden in the fact that he roasted the coffee varieties separately and then mixed them, developing an outstanding blend. By this method he achieved an aroma with hints of chocolate and nuts that express the noble origin of the coffee beans, as well as the attention and precision put during the production process.

In 2012, Cortese Caffè enters the Greek market and within a short time, the brand gains a respectable reputation. The coffee, roasted in the small Italian town of Padua, is adapted to the high demands of the Greek consumer and is shaped accordingly to provide the same refined taste.