Karoulias | DALLMAYR
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The name Dallmayr stands for outstanding product and service quality with a tradition going back more than 300 years and is one of the best-known German brands of coffee.

Dallmayr’s history began more than 300 years ago when it was a general store in the heart of Munich. In the 1930s, Konrad Werner Wille laid the foundations for today’s coffee empire by opening a specialist coffee department. After his death in 1977, his son Wolfgang Wille became managing partner. In 1985, Wolfgang Wille spun off the coffee division from the delicatessen business and founded Alois Dallmayr Kaffee oHG, with the goal of expanding the coffee business across Germany.

Today, Dallmayr is one of the leading brand-name coffee roasters in Germany. Thanks to its commitment to quality, the company is not only successful on the consumer market but is also a market leader in vending machine services and the food-service industry.