Karoulias | DALLMAYR
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Alois Dallmayr, or Dallmayr for short, is a large delicatessen in the heart of Munich. It can boast over three centuries of tradition and is one of the best-known German brands of coffee. The long-established company has remained a family-run enterprise to this day. In the city of Munich, Dallmayr is a local institution that attracts around three million visitors from near and far every year.

Dallmayr coffee is one of the leading consumer brands on the German food and drinks market. Alongside the premium Prodomo brand, the best-known product brands are Capsa and Crema d’ Oro. Each year, more than 50 million kilos of coffee are roasted at Dallmayr’s own roasting facilities in Germany and sold through food retailers or directly to hotels, bars and restaurants.

The collaboration between W.S. KAROULIAS and DALLMAYR began in 2012