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De Kuyper was founded in 1911 in Schiedam by the De Kuyper Family that had been involved in the Dutch gin Industry.

The third son of Petrus De Kuyper, Jan de Kuyper took it one step further by opening a distillery in Schiedam. His Sons Johannes and Pieter succeeded in taking over a large distillery in Rotterdam and quickly became the biggest distillers in the city.

After their big success and continuous exports to the United Kingdom and Canada, the De Kuyper family managed to steer the business through good times and several crises, like the US Prohibition, the First World War, the Great Depression and the Second World War.

In 1920, the De Kuyper family started the liqueur production. Over the course of the 1930’s De Kuyper produced nearly twenty varieties of liqueur, including apricot brandy, cherry brandy, triple sec and crème de menthe.

After the introduction of liqueurs in 1920, the company has become the world’s largest producer of these products. Their range of 36 liqueurs are distributed to more than 100 countries around the world with more than 50 million bottles produced every year. Except from their range liqueurs, De Kuyper also produces a number of nationally and internationally popular brands such as The Peach Tree, Liquorice liqueur Dropshot and the mandarin liqueur Mandarine Napoleon.

Today the 11th generation of the De Kuyper family stands at the helm of a strong global company, ready for many more centuries of De Kuyper.

De Kuyper’s Cooperation with W.S.Karoulias started since the beginning of the Greek Distributor in 1950 with the distribution of Cherry Heering. In December 1st 2018, the two companies extended their cooperation with the distribution of The Peach Tree. Today W.S.Karoulias is responsible, not only for the distribution of Peach Tree and Cherry Heering, but also for their Marketing and Sales in the Greek Market.