Karoulias | FABBRI
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Fabbri’s story begins in 1905, when Gennaro Fabbri, a very resourceful entrepreneur decides to take over an old general store with a wine cellar in Portomaggiore, in the province of Ferrara, and began producing liqueurs. And that is the landmark of the distillery “Premiata Distilleria Liquori G. Fabbri”, known as “Fabbri 1905” today.

The business spirit that he was, Gennaro decides to expand the business with the production of the most famous product until today that of the “Marena con frutto” – the Amarena-Cherry , inspired by a his wife’s recipe. Gennaro had the first jar made by a ceramic artist from Faenza, Riccardo Gatti, as a gift to his wife, thanking her for the creation of the new product. The packaging remains the same until today also attributing to the brands international success.

Brands: Fabbri Mixy bar, Fabbri Mixy fruit, Cremafredda, Syrupmatics and others