Karoulias | FEVER TREE
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Fed up with the poor quality and ubiquitous state of available mixers, Charles Rolls – who built his reputation in the spirits sector – joined forces with Tim Warrillow, who had a background in luxury food marketing, with the aim to revitalize this forgotten category. They discovered that the majority of mainstream mixers were preserved with sodium benzoate or similar substances, while cheap orange aromatics such as decanal and artificial sweeteners (such as saccharin) were widespread.

And so started a 15 month journey. Days in the British Library researching quinine sources from as far back as 1620, trips to find the purest strains of this key ingredient and 5 iterations of the recipe were tasted before Charles and Tim were happy with the result and the first bottle of Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water was produced in 2005. Fever-Tree is now the global pioneer of the premium mixer category with 14 flavors and has breathed new life and quality into the category.