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he Gavalas winery is a traditional family winery located in Megalochori Santorini, which is dedicated to wine since the late 19th century.
In 1998 the first bottling was held in the small but modern winery. In 2006, the Katsano wine, which is the result of George Gavalas’ love and dedication to the persistent enhancement of rare varieties of the island, bottled for the first time.

With the legacy and experience of three centuries, Gavalas family produces high quality wines with unique characteristics in international market, always with respect to indigenous varietals’ characteristics, combine the traditional and modern techniques of vinification. “Wine equals life” Mr. Gavalas says and his actions verify this. His passion for rare indigenous varietals is even stronger. He always says “They are special and produce unique wines in the world, raising new wine horizons “.

Our purpose at Gavalas Winery is the constant improvement of quality and not the increase of quantity against the quality of wines. Respecting the consumers, we try to provide wines of value for money.

The collaboration between W.S. KAROULIAS and GAVALAS WINERY began in 2013