Karoulias | MONGIOIA
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A winery with solid origins in the land of Moscato D’Asti

MONGIOIA is a company with deep roots in the land of Moscato d’Asti from the northwest Italy. The semi – sparkling wines that are produced within that zone and follow all the legislative framework required, have on their label the indication of DCG which is considered as the highest distinction in the classification of the wines produced in Italy.

The first family vineyards were planted in 1835 from RicardoBianco’s grandfather’s great grandfather.

Richardo Bianco is the sixth generation that continues the family tradition with his wife Maria. His father, Marco, devoted to a new way of expression of Moscato d ‘Asti, those of aged time, since 1997. The company has received many important awards.
The winery is a small “boutique” winery and some of the vineyards are reaching the 180 years of life.

The grapes of these vineyards are mainly used for the Moscato d ‘Asti that the company creates after a long aging process.

W.S. Karoulias  S.A. represents two of the top wines of MONGIOIA winery: Leggenda and Godibile since 2009 .