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For generations the Barafakas family has followed their tradition & heritage and is still today successfully cultivating vineyards in the Nemea* region. Nemea is a region not only famous for its history but also for its rich land, which produces exceptional wines. The family’s expertise has been passed down from grandfather to son and so on, and has remained an innate part their life.
Christos Barafakas , following his dream, began his first professional vinification in 2002 by meticulously cultivating the family owned 80 stremma land in the distinct Nemea region – one of the largest wine PDO regions of Greece where the famous Agiorgitiko variety is grown as a result of the microclimate in the area.
He bottled his first wine in 2004 in the newly renovated contemporary winery situated in the foot hills of the Prophet Elias hill. The family’s goal is to vinify high quality wines that are solely produce  from the privately owned vineyards, which today have nearly doubled in size to 140 stremma. The Barafakas portfolio of wines has successfully participated in domestically & internationally renowned competitions and have been awarded gold and silver medals, as well as other significant distinctions.
*Nemea is a region that produces some of the best wines in the world. The dynamics of the Agioritiko variety, which has over the centuries acclimatized to the area, has become a unique and unfailing palate in the wine world, always pleasantly surprising both producers and wine lovers.  For us, wine production has and will always be a family enterprise, we take great care of our land and vines, anticipating they will bring out their best. Our wine is born, tendered and matured in a warm and conducive environment, and generously  offers its gift to connoisseurs and wine lovers, who in turn show their appreciation by being loyal to their choice.”