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The Dourakis Winery was founded in 1986. The wine producer Andreas Dourakis returned from Thessaloniki to the place he calls home, Alikambos, which is a mountain village near Krapi, Sfakia on the beautiful island of Crete.
The area has one of the lowest rainfalls in Greece, the soil is rich with many south facing slopes, and this is where Andreas first cultivated his father’s vineyards. He was motivated by his scientific knowledge about wine production acquired through studying oenology in Weinsberg, Germany. He was also inspired by his long experience gained working in wineries in Greece and abroad.
Soon Andreas began to purchase more land around his father’s vineyards in order to safeguard his independence. The road has indeed been long…
A small ancient stone ‘press’ in the yard amongst the vines is proof that this place was a location for both the growing of vines and wine production as early as the Minoan period. The curved stone press was waterproofed with volcanic earth, probably from Santorini. However, this wine press had to be replaced later by a modern press in the winery due to the difficulty of transporting grapes to the original press.
The winery continues to develop. The whole family are now involved, Eleni, Andreas’ wife, Adonis, his son, an oenologist and Evie, Andreas’ daughter, is the administrator and marketing manager for the business. The winery has a gallery to show exhibitions and is a picturesque venue for concerts, weddings and private parties. But most importantly, the winery now has both a customer service department and a wine tasting cellar, in which hundreds of visitors from all over the world every year discover or deepen their love of Greek wines. The family offer the opportunity for visitors to taste high quality wine, that will suit their individual taste, need, and preference. The Dourakis family are qualified wine advisors, who aim to make your visit both a delightful experience and an education.
The collaboration between W.S. KAROULIAS and  NTOURAKIS WINERY began in 2015