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In the middle of the 19th century, Panayiotis Pitsiladis arrived to Plomari from Pergamos in Asia Minor and founded his first distillery by the river.
In 1892 he received the official operating license from the Turkish state and started to produce Ouzo Plomariou Pitsiladis with his sons.
Today, the fourth generation faithful to family traditions continues to produce Ouzo Plomariou Pitsiladis with the same traditionary methods. It is authentic Ouzo from Plomari, of premium quality and produced in limited quantities from 100% distillation. The production starts by soaking anise and various seeds from cereals in sea water. The distillation is through old copper stills using wood fire.
The family recipe has remained unchanged since the foundation of the distillery and priority is given to quality according to the Pitsiladis family’s philosophy.
Products: Ouzo of Plomari Pitsiladi 100% distilled