Karoulias | DOUBIA
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The story of DOUBIA Mild Sparkling Water started many centuries ago, in the homonymous village of Chalkidiki, located in Northern Greece.

According to the local legend, Saint Paul visited Doubia area while traveling towards Thessaloniki. As he was tired from his trip and woke up, he drunk water from the spring. He regained his strength, and he blessed the spring in gratitude for its powerful properties.

Doubia spring is one of only three springs of naturally carbonated natural mineral water in Greece, recognized by the state as medicinal, and has history dating back to 1445.

DOUBIA Natural Mineral Water is a healthy water, rich in trace elements and minerals. It springs at an altitude of 400 meters, in a Natura protected area, near the village of Doumbia in the Halkidiki Mountains.

Protected in the rocks of its source, the sparkling natural mineral water DOUBIA presents a stable quality over time and meets the strict requirements of the legislation of natural mineral waters, in terms of its physico-chemical and microbiological characteristics.

It is the first Greek gastronomic water in the Greek market with a high content of calcium, magnesium and other precious minerals.