Karoulias | Our Vision
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Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to be one of the top wine, spirits and recently beverages (coffee, tea) companies in Greece by focusing on leadership, innovation, training and responsibility. Also by building and maintaining strong, long-term and fruitful relationships with our employees, consumers, clients, commercial and social partners.
Our key values:
-Passion, drive and creativity in all aspects of our work. Leadership based on our knowledge of the industry and market know-how.
-Responsibility, integrity and respect for our employees, consumers, partners, clients and the society.
We aim to responsibly market a complete range of top-quality alcoholic beverages and wines, which offer pleasure, appropriate for all occasions, according to our consumers’ personal choices and preferences.

We place particular importance on:
-The continuous enhancement of our product portfolio with top of the range international and Greek brands, which offer long-term growth potential.
-Serious, long-term investments on brand – building and promotion.
-The promotion of a responsible attitude towards alcohol. W.S. KAROULIAS is committed to a responsible communication and product marketing policy and actively supports initiatives aiming to promote the responsible sale of alcohol and a moderate way of consumption based on knowledgeable decisions.
-The establishment of long-term commercial developments based on integrity, reliability and effectiveness. The continuous development of our personnel, through training and support, with innovative tools, ensuring prompt and effective response to market needs. The quality, continuous training and development of our human resources is top of mind.