Karoulias | VETO OUZO
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Ouzo Veto, since 1892

When, in 1892, Georgios Spentzas from Pergamοn in Asia Minor, was initiated in the secrets of distillation, thanks to a special Sultan’s firman, little did he expect that his personal fancy would turn into a passion to be handed down from father to son in the years to come.

Nowadays, Ouzo Veto still boasts the dense body that justifies its exceptional and unique taste. Its “seafaring” character is embodied in its rich, balanced, light and sweet scent with that special lasting intense aftertaste.

From then to now, thanks to our dedication and responsibility, Ouzo Veto has been the expression of the genuine art of Mytilene’s traditional ouzo production.
Ouzo Veto
to our unique journeys, to our unique sunsets, to our unique moments!